Applied Mathematics and Sciences: An International Journal (MathSJ )

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September 2023, Volume 10, Number 3

A Positive Integer 𝑡 Such That 𝒑𝒏 + 𝒑𝒏+πŸ‘ ~ 𝒑𝒏+𝟏 + 𝒑𝒏+𝟐 For All 𝒏 β‰₯ 𝑡
Pham Minh Duc and Luong Van Tam, VNU University of Science, Vietnam

June 2023, Volume 10, Number 1/2

   Special Issue - 7th International Conference on Applied Mathematics and Sciences (AMA 2023)

Optimizing Similarity Threshold for Abstract Similarity Metric in Speech Diarization Systems: A Mathematical

Jagat Chaitanya Prabhala, Venkatnareshbabu K and Ragoju Ravi, National Institute of Technology Goa, India

Moving Target Detection Using CA, SO and GO-CFAR detectors in Nonhomogeneous Environment
Abdel Hamid Mbouombouo Mboungam, Zhi Yongfeng, Wilfried Andre Tiako Youani, Northwestern Polytechnical
University, China

A Possible Resolution to Hilbert’s first Problem by Applying Cantor’s Diagonal Argument with Conditioned Subsets
of R, With That of (N,R)

Rajah Iyer, Microsoft, USA

Insights Into the Local and Non-Local Interaction of Two Species on the Impact of the Allee Predator-Prey Model
using Holling Type II Functional Response

Tahani Al-Karkhi, University of Essex, UK