Volume 9

March 2022, Volume 9, Number 1

Special Issue : 6th International Conference On Civil Engineering (CiViE 2022)

Multi objective Optimization of Reinforced Concrete Buildings
Estevão Alencar Bandeira, Yuri Farias da Silva and Valério Silva Almeida, University of São Paulo, Brazil

Special Issue : 5th International Conference on Civil Engineering and Urban Planning (CEU 2022)

Built Environment and Crime in a South Korea Context
Hyunjoong Kim1, Sooa Lee2 and Jinyong Lee2, 1Louisiana State University, USA, 2Singapore Korean International School, Singapore

Regular Issue :

Exploration on the Preparation of Township Territorial Space Planning in the Context of Park City - Taking
the Wenhua Town, Anyue County as an Example

Li Hanyuan1, Guo Hongyi1 and Xiao Shuting2, 1Southwest Jiaotong University Hope College, China,
2Suining natural resources and Planning Bureau, China