Volume 3

December 2016, Volume 3, Number 4

An Introduction On Literature Of Smart City
Sina Haji Hosseinloo, Islamic Azad University, Iran

September 2016, Volume 3, Number 3

Defining Local Concept of Urban Rail Station Area Development Through Best Practices Approach of Rail-Transit
Oriented Development

Dyah Titisari Widyastuti, Ikaputra, Danang Parikesit and Bambang Hari Wibisono, Universitas Gadjah Mada, Indonesia

Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis of Walkability of Indian Street : A Case of Lucknow
Ar. Divya Pandey, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam University, India

Correlation Between Aggregate to Aggregate Contact and Mechanical Properties of HMA Mixture
Mahmod Reza Keymanesh1, Hassan Ziari2, and Ali Nasrollahtabar1 and Danial Kamrankho1, 1Payame Noor University,
Iran and 2Iran University of Science & Technology, Iran

Alternate Ropeway Transit System for Manpada Road
Prathmesh Nagare and A.S.Wayal, Veermata Jijabai Technological Institute, India

June 2016, Volume 3, Number 2

Special Issue - Second International Conference on Civil Engineering and Urban Planning (CEU 2016)

Rehabilitation/Retrofiting of Concrete Structures Along with Case Study
J. Bhattacharjee, Amity University, India

The Effect of the Use of Mineral Additives on Early and Advanced Age Compressive Strength of High Strength Concretes
Ercin GURSEL and Mustafa KAYA, Aksaray University, Turkey

Repair, Rehabilitation & Retrofitting of Rcc for Sustainable Development with Case Studies
J. Bhattacharjee, Amity University, India

Regular Issue

Bottom-Up and Top Down Approaches for Urban Agriculture
Chiara Casazza and Stefano Pianigiani, University of Florence, Italy

Present Application of resource Management In Prefabricated and In-Situ Construction
V. Yuvaraj and R. Dharman, Shree Venkateshwara Hi-Tech Engineering College, India

Special Issue - International Conference on Recent Advances in Civil Engineering ( ICRACE 2016 )

Warm Mix Asphalt Investigation on Public Roads - A Review
Rajiv Kumar and Satish Chandra, Indian Institute of Technology, India

Cultivation of Oscillatoria SP in Dairy Waste Water in Two Stage Photo Bioreactors for Biodiesel Production
Jitha. G and Madhu G, Cochin University of Science and Technology, India

Thermal Properties of Indian Municipal Solid Waste Over the Past, Present and Future Years and Its Effect on Thermal
Waste to Energy Facilities

Roshni Mary Sebastian and Babu Alappat, IIT Delhi, India

Electrodialysis for The Desalination of Backwaters in Kerala
Ashly Mary Mammen1, Johannes Fritsch2, Sanju Sreedharan1 and Ratish Menon1, 1SCMS School of Engineering and
Technology, India, 2University of Applied Science,Germany

Microbial Fuel Cell (MFC) Technology for Household Waste Reduction and Bio-Energy Production
Sanju Sreedharanand Renu Pawels, CUSAT, India

Experimental Study on the Physical Properties of Mud Mortar in Comparison with the Conventional Mortars
Lekshmi M S, Subha Vishnudas and Deepa G. Nair, Cochin University of Science and Technology,India

Pridiction of Compressive Strength of Cement By Using Regression Technique with Partial Replacement of Hylam Powder
in Cement Mortar

Madhangopal.Kallutla1, G. Sreenivasulu1, C. Sashidhar2, 1RGM College of Engineering, India, 2JNTUA, India

Pavements Using Reclaimed Aggregates
Soosan George T., Susan P. Rajan, K. N. Ameena Nesreen, Sarathlal G and Nithin Thomas, Mar Athanasius College of
Engineering, India

Solvent Extraction and Adsorption Technique for the Treatment of Pesticide Effluent
Aswathy Rajan1, Sanju Sreedharan1 and V. Babu2, 1SSET, India and 1Hindustan Insecticide Limited, India

Roof Tile Powder as a Partial Replacement to Cement in Masonry Mortar
Jiji Antony1 and Deepa G Nair2, 1Federal Institute of Science and Technology,India and 2Cochin University of Science and Technology, India

Assessing the Effects of Spatial Interpolation of Rainfall on the Streamflow Response
Sreedevi. S and Eldho T.I, Indian Institute of Technology, India

Response of Ground Supported Cylindrical Tanks to Harmonic Loading
Asha Joseph and Glory Joseph, Cochin University of Science and Technology, India

March 2016, Volume 3, Number 1

Study on Behaviour of Compression Member with Bamboo as Reinforcement and Coconut Shell as Aggregate
A.Joshua Daniel and S.Sivakamasundari, SRM University, India

Finite Element Analysis of Rigid Pavement Using Everfe2.24& Comparision of Results with IRC58-2002 & IRC58-2015
Praveen Aggarwal and Sheetesh Kumar Dwivedi, N.I.T. Kuruksheta, India

Historic Architecture & The Ancient Art of Planning: The Era Forgotten
Ar. Kaninika Dey Sarkar, Amity University, India

Social And Health Facilities : Health Post Planning for a New Constructive System in Developing Countries
Chizzoniti Domenico, Cattani Letizia, Moscatelli Monica and Preis Luca, Polytechnic of Milan, Italy